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Cherry Bomb vs. Flowmaster Exhaust & Mufflers One of the big reasons drivers like to hook up a performance exhaust system is to give their vehicles a bold, beefy, intimidating exhaust tone. With the right kit or muffler underneath, you can fine-tune your exhaust for a sound that lets everyone in the neighborhood know you mean business. 14/06/2007 · READ: The glasspack was MUCH louder than the flowmaster, the camera made the flowmaster sound louder. Please comment which you like better. 20/02/2008 · Exhaust Systems - Flowmasters 10 Series vs. Cherry Bomb Extreme - Have any of you guys ran one or two of these mufflers respectively? I am very close to buying either brand, but just dont know exactly what the differences in sound might be. I have an ear for Flowmasters product so I was leaning towards their 10.

That's kinda what im looking for a nice loud aggressive rumble. The one i have now is just a deep rumble and that aint loud enough for me. I think i may end up going with the cherry bomb extreme muffler cause i LOVE the sound and tone of them and plus its like $20 cheaper than the flowmaster 10 series muffler. 15/06/2019 · Cherry Bomb vs Flowmaster Outlaw? If anyone has had experience with either, I have a 5.3 silverado, and I have the outlaw on but it’s just not what I’m wanting. Cherry Bomb's violate Federal noise standards and you can be ticketed with them installed. 23/10/2011 · who is runing a cherry bomb extreme or flowmaster super 10? opinions wanted. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20. I have a dual flowmaster super 10 on my truck, i really like it, its got a really deep tone and is very loud. The drone isnt that bad on the highway either.

05/12/2017 · Just a quick video comparing a flowmaster original 40 series muffler to a Thrush glasspack. I bought the glasspack about 6 months ago and installed it, just recently i got a hold of a 40 series flowmaster and just out of curiosity wanted to see if there was a noticeable difference between the tone and volume of the 2 mufflers. I. Cherry Bomb vs. Magnaflow Exhaust Upgrading your exhaust can be very rewarding when it comes to adding power, efficiency, and tone - but you better make sure you've got the right stuff. There are a lot of exhaust brands out there, but we'll show you in detail two of the leading brands: Cherry Bomb. 17/11/2012 · Straight Piped My Silverado!Soundcheck on Cherry Bomb Extreme Exhaust - Duration: 16:52. LONESTAR HAWAIIAN 165,767 views. 16:52. Ford F-150 vs GM 1500 vs Ram 1500 vs World's Toughest Towing Test. How to Select the Right Flowmaster Muffler - Series Differences Explained - Duration: 11:54. Flowmaster Inc 2,321,216. 24/06/2014 · Cherry bomb vs. Smithy's mufflers. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by chopperbilly, Nov 26, 2008. I like the construction of the cherry bomb, but the Smithy has a better sound. The cherry bomb is a bit louder than I like. Q, Nov 27, 2008. 08/05/2010 · Cherry bomb has a flow chart on their website, but I can't seem to find anything like that for the thrush. I like the hollow sound of the thrush, but I do like the solid deep tone of the cherry bomb. Along with doing this I'm going to do a cat delete and a resonator delete, so I.

who is runing a cherry bomb extreme or.

20/01/2011 · Flowmaster vs. Cherry Bomb. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. frost314 ·. It's either Flowmaster or Cherry Bomb. If Flowmaster, it will be a Super 44 If Cherry Bomb, I am debating between the Vortech or the Glasspack. Anybody have the Cherry bomb on theirs? Cherry Bomb Mufflers. For over 40 years Cherry Bomb has been touting the motto "Disturb the Peace" - and with one of their mufflers on your vehicle that's just what you'll do. Cherry Bomb developed the first glass-pack muffler in 1968, and even to this day the Cherry Bomb Glasspack Muffler continues to inspire with its loud, rich, and deep tone. Compare the sounds of the Cherry Bomb mufflers - Extreme, Pro, Glasspack, M80, Salute, Hot Rod, Vortex, Turbo. See our decibel results.

Our Products Cherry Bomb ® offers a range of performance exhaust & mufflers for the most popular makes and model cars and trucks. Glasspack, Vortex, M-80. 12/05/2011 · I have a dynomax bullet right now dumped right behind the cab, it is loud but im just never satisfied. I had a flowmaster 10 series and the bullet now is definitely louder than the flowmaster, just kind of wondering about the extremes. Whatever my decision it will. Flowmaster 40 Series or Cherry Bomb Vortex? Dec 09 2011, 2:53pm. So I'm thinking about replacing my 40 series with a Cherry Bomb. I love the sound of my Flowmaster, but all the Cherry Bombs I've heard sound louder in general. My main priority is loudness. 11/11/2015 · Cherry Bomb vs Flowmaster vs Thrush. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. C. Calandrew12. If I don't go with Flowmaster, my next company to go with would be Cherry Bomb. I really like the sound of the Cherry Bomb Vortex's, I just can't find a video of one on a S10 2.2. My next choice would be to go with a Thrush Welded Muffler.

Flowmaster vs. Magnaflow Exhaust When you want to boost your vehicle's power output, toughen up its sound, or even dress up your exterior style, upgrading your exhaust system is the way to go. The premier exhausts give you all three benefits, of course, and both Magnaflow and Flowmaster know how to do it. 16/04/2010 · Cherry bomb exhaust lacks certain back pressure to be a true performance muffler. It is an ancient style hot rod muffler that is 'short' term use. Flowmaster has developed the 44 and 40's to be as one with your engine giving it the required back pressure needed to be a high performance muffler. 02/03/2010 · I just bought a stock R/T duel exhaust off a Z memeber that I will soon be installing on my SXT. First thing I am going to do away with the "suitcase" muffler and put on some aftermarket mufflers. However, I dont know wheather I want to go with a set of Flowmaster 44's or a set of Cherry Bomb Vortex mufflers. Any input on either? Cherry Bomb Extreme vs Flowmaster 10 Series. Cherry Bomb Extreme. 14. 61% Flowmaster 10 Series. 9. 39% Total votes: 23. Re: Cherry Bomb Extreme vs Flowmaster 10 Series. Sep 10 2013, 12:25am. Glad you tried the CBE. Two months ago I switched from a MBRP single in dual outlet split rear catback system to the Cherry Bomb Extreme.

FlowMaster vs Magnaflow vs Cherry bomb Nov 18 2014, 2:07am hey guys I have a 1993 z71i know not technically a silverado or sierra but I have a sierra tailgate haha it has a 5.7L v8 and I'm looking for a meaner exhaust that will be around 85db at cruising but when you. 11/01/2009 · cherry bombs are just glasspacks but they dont sound to bad. they will sound different depending on how long they are, the longer they are the quiter it will make it sound, shorter ones will be louder. i think the smallest they make is like 12-15" long and up to like 30-35". if you want all out loud just go straight pipe, LT1's sound good with. 29/06/2012 · Flowmaster 40 Series Mufflers uses a two-chamber design to deliver. Chambered vs. Turbo vs. Straight-Through The three main muffler styles are. Rather than doing a cat back system I was thinking of replacing the original muffler with a short straight-through Cherry Bomb and leaving the rear resonator to quiet things down a. Based on the quality of the materials used, sound emission, longevity, and ease of set-up, the Flowmaster Super 10 Muffler comes out on top compared to its competitors. Its clever design also allows it to compensate for being less powerful. When everything is factored in, the slight performance dip is worth all the added benefits.

07/08/2008 · Cherry bomg vs.flowmaster vs. magnaflow delima!!! Post by cueto » Wed Sep 19, 2007 2:01 pm I am pondering on what exhuast mufflers to get for my 98 expedition 5.4L. 13/11/2014 · The Cherry Bomb Vortex muffler layout that I saw on youtube was in my mind different from Flowmaster muffler. It had the inlet pipe dividing into two smaller pipes that had preferted holes with fiberglass packed around them. Then the two smaaler pipes converged back toether as. My first muffler swap was the super 40, 14" magnaflow, Dynomax 12" race bullet, Cherry bomb extreme,Flowmaster super 10, Dynomax 14" welded, Magnaflow Magnapak 15" and the flowmaster super 44 sounds waaaay better and deeper than any of them.

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